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4-Ever Ticket: Family of 5
4-Ever Ticket: Family of 5

4-Ever Ticket: Family of 5

List Price: $125.00Sale Price: $100.00



This is a family show, and here's your family's forever ticket. What's a 4-ever ticket? A ticket that is good forever.  We thank you for helping to launch the show (insert applause here from our grateful cast and crew!) 

Each ticket admits one family group (by household, blood, or otherwise whoever you consider to be part of your family)  of the selected size to any available regular seating for our shows, year-round. Additional tickets for extra family members may be purchased for a discounted rate at time of 4EVER ticket usage (just in case of that "surprise honey we're having another one" moment or if crazy cousin Larry decides to tag along.)  Since the 4EVER ticket price is below market value for the actual show tickets, it is not considered a tax-deductible donation.

Remember this isn't just for the kids - it's the show for the whole family, of all ages. Don't forget your teenager (seriously, don't) and maybe consider bringing grandparents along for the fun also. If you plan to come to the show more than once as a family, as we know you will want to, you can buy more than one forever ticket for your family size.

Want to hear more?    Come to any FFX public show, any time, forever! 4ever means the ticket will always be good, no expiration, nada. Milk goes sour, even cookies can go bad (so sad), but not these tickets! Redeem at our box office for any regular show, year round, and any seats are yours for your family (as long as someone else isn't sitting in it already, because, well, you get it!)
   I remember growing up and going to Disneyworld the year before Epcot launched, and when we walked onto Main Street my mom and dad rolled their eyes when they heard they could go into one of the buildings right there and find out about a new part of Disney - they knew it was going to be some kind of sales pitch. My brother and I convinced them because even though we hadn't seen but a few inches of the park yet we wanted to hear about the newest stuff. And it was a sales pitch, but a cool one. They walked out with 4 shiny tickets that would always be good to go to Epcot park, and really for a song compared to what the ticket prices went up to a few years later. We sat on those tickets for 20 years, and used them when we went back to the park with our kids. Pretty cool.  
   Now I'm not saying that FFX is going to be as huge or expensive as Disney, but for a song right now you can help us really get the show launched and we appreciate that. So...we are giving your family a forever ticket. Choose your quantity (and if more kids come along before you come to the show, we'll always give you a special discount on the extra needed also), and you're set. We will mail you your tickets, or you'll be able to pick them up in our box office. You can use them right away, or wait till the littlest one in your family is a bit older. Whenever, forever!  
   But only while they last right now - because when these are gone, they are gone forever too!