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Family Fun Night at FFX

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See a classic movie and play some great family-friendl board games while enjoy some snacks & more. Fun & relaxing space at the oceanfront with comfortable couch seating, views of the ocean, and much more. 

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MORE HINTS: Do griffins have their own door? What does a snake slither in to? What did the raven catch in it's claw? Are there still dragons in Romania? Would you feel more fluffy if you had 3 heads? Would a horse with 2 horns be a duocorn? Is a centaur really only worth one penny?  Would the protagonist's multiverse twin be named "Perry Hotter"? These and many more questions to be answered if you (along with the trio of Hogwarts students) find who Sirius-ly escaped from the prison...

Family-friendly event. Drink specials (including our own 'buttered beer' in adult and kid-friendly potion versions!)
The movie is a FREE bonus for this event, the board game cafe is the main feature of the night. 200 board games available to play also.

Concessions available all evening, pizza can be pre-ordered also (see options during ticket checkout, must order ahead).
Movie Begins at 6:30pm, Doors Open at 6pm.

Wizard costumes and similar are welcome at this event.

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