Who wins in the matchup of Marvel against DC with the most awesome outfits in Hampton Roads?    On a Friday the 13th in October, YOU do of course!
    Wear an outfit/cosplay/costume or superhero-inspired fashion and enjoy all the family-friendly fun at this special event. 
    Event includes kids, teens, and adults in a costume contest highlighting characters from across DC and Marvel universes of comics, film, TV, animation, and more with prizes! No costume, you can also come as your secret civilian identity, or just wear a fun superhero shirt or heroic outfit.  Show tickets will benefit 3 non-profit organizations: Starhaven, First Call Family Resources, and FFX.
     Event also includes epic interactive audience games featured in the FFX Superheroes & Villlains Game Show, including some new games and challenges, so everyone will have fun in costume or otherwise. (No pre-registration required for costume/cosplay outfits, all are eligible.)

Event ticket includes: